Over twenty-seven years ago, a vision shared by two engineers was realized…
In 1990, XCG was founded with a staff of three operating from a single office. Today, the company employs over 35 professionals in 3 offices across Canada. This growth in numbers reflects expansion in the range and scope of the services offered. Originally focussed on environmental services and water and wastewater treatment, XCG continues to build expertise in a wide range of environmental disciplines, now focussed 100% on environmental solutions.

XCG’s current emphasis is sustainability as not only a service to clients but as a guide for our in-house practices. The company’s commitment to core values: proactive client service; professional integrity; and senior staff involvement; is further enhanced as XCG strengthens its commitment to sustainability.

Moving forward, XCG is committed to providing the expert people that our clients’ have come to know and expect. At XCG, we will listen, provide advice and assist you in arriving at the optimum solution for your project.

Please see the link below for our XCG Company Brochure. 

XCG Company Brochure

At XCG, we are always proud to share news about our people, our projects and our involvement in the environmental industry. “In the News” delivers the latest trade articles, details about upcoming association meetings and technical conferences as well as general news from around XCG. Check back regularly for updated news items.



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