Client: Regional District of North Okanagan
Location: Vernon, BC 



XCG was retained by the Regional District of North Okanagan to complete an updated Design, Operations and Closure Plan for the Greater Vernon Recycling and Disposal Facility. The Greater Vernon Recycling and Disposal Facility is an active sanitary landfill of 18 hectares within an overall property of approximately 63 hectares. The site has a current fill rate of 29,000 tonnes per year and began accepting waste in 1980.  

The Design, Operations and Closure Plan was completed in support of the expansion of the facility. The Design, Operations and Closure was also prepared in accordance with the design, performance, and operational requirements of the Operational Certificate for the facility, and in general accordance with relevant British Columbia Ministry of the Environment (BC MOE) acts, regulations, and guidance documents. The plan was developed based on an integrated development strategy which incorporates surface water, leachate, and landfill gas (LFG) management controls into the landfill development plan to mitigate landfill derived impacts. The plan included a detailed filling plan including access roads, landfill gas assessment, landfill gas system sequencing, leachate collection infrastructure, soil management plan and a progressive closure plan.

The key objectives of the plan were to:

  • Provide an updated fill plan which addresses the need to reduce leachate generation, optimize surface water controls, and optimize available landfill airspace;
  • Provide a closure plan including implementing a low permeability cover system;
  • Provide a post-closure plan for the landfill;
  • Provide a long-term capital plan and closure/post-closure cost estimates; and
  • Reduce long-term environmental impacts associated with the landfill area.

The resultant Design, Operations and Closure Plan addresses all of the aforementioned objectives, while providing approximately 2,642,800 cubic metres of airspace. Based upon population growth projections and fill rate assumptions, it is estimated that the Site will reach design capacity in 2059.

XCG also completed a Data Gap Assessment for the Site to assess data gaps in information needed to complete the Design, Operations and Closure Plan and to subsequently obtain approval for landfilling in the proposed expansion area. Siting criteria from Section 3 of the 2016 Landfill Criteria and the MOE Information Requirements Table for Solid Waste (required as part of the MOE’s Routine Application Process) were reviewed to determine data gaps and next steps.


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