Client: Columbia Shuswap Regional District
Location: Revelstoke, British Columbia 



XCG completed an updated Design, Operations, and Closure Plan, Phase 1 Closure Design Brief, and Conformance Review for the Revelstoke Landfill. The site, which is contained over two properties, includes a municipal solid waste landfill, transfer station, composting area, marshalling areas, recycling area, weigh scale, and operational infrastructure. The landfill accepts approximately 7,000 tonnes of waste annually and serves the municipality of Revelstoke, surrounding areas, and Electoral Area B.

The Design, Operations, and Closure Plan was updated to meet the current Landfill Criteria and includes a detailed landfill filling plan, surface water management infrastructure, access roads, landfill gas assessment, soil management plan, and a closure plan (including final contours, cover design, and post closure plan). Landfill liability, and closure and post-closure fund assessments were also completed as part of the project.

The key objectives of the Design, Operations, and Closure Plan were to:

  • Provide an updated fill plan which addresses the need to reduce leachate generation, optimize surface water controls and optimize available landfill airspace;
  • Provide a closure plan including implementing a low permeability cover system;
  • Provide a post-closure plan for the landfill; and
  • Reduce long-term environmental impacts associated with the landfill.

The resultant Design, Operations, and Closure Plan is a comprehensive and integrated design document which addresses all of the aforementioned objectives. The Design, Operations, and Closure Plan includes a detailed development strategy for the existing landfill footprint, providing approximately 284,000 cubic metres of airspace. Based upon population growth projections and fill rate assumptions, it is estimated that the Site will reach design capacity in late 2038.

In conjunction with the project XCG completed a Phase 1 Closure Design Brief for the Revelstoke Landfill. The report provided the rationale for the proposed final cover and closure works, design drawings and details, closure cost estimates and timelines. The conceptual design included a geomembrane-based final cover, perimeter road and stormwater management infrastructure.

XCG also completed a Conformance Review for the Site to meet the requirements of the 2016 Landfill Criteria. The review was completed taking into account landfill upgrades shown in the recently completed Design, Operations, and Closure Plan by XCG. The need for any further upgrades was specified in the review.

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