Client: Regional District of Fraser-Fort George
Location: Prince George, BC


Project Timeline: 2008

The Foothills Boulevard Landfill has been in operation since 1974 and serves a population of approximately 94,000. Approximately 93 percent of the solid waste from the Regional District is disposed of at the site. The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George has been collecting landfill gas at the Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill since 2003. The captured landfill gas is currently combusted in a high temperature enclosed fare, with the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George was interested in determining an economically and technically feasible beneficial use for landfill gas project, with the specific goal of supporting a greenhouse operation on-site.

XCG’s approach to the project included two major components:

  1. XCG completed a Landfill Gas Management Plan to provide the basis for the feasibility study. The Landfill Gas Management Plan included a technical evaluation of the existing landfill gas collection system, a landfill gas production and capture estimate, and a conceptual design for the future landfill gas collection system at the Site.
  2. XCG then completed a Landfill Gas Utilization Feasibility Study. The study included an evaluation of previous analyses and conclusions regarding utilization options, the feasibility of developing a greenhouse facility based upon current market conditions, recommendations for the “best suited” and most economically viable landfill gas utilization option, evaluation of the preferred utilization option, examples of similar projects, and a preliminary sale agreement to support the development of a beneficial landfill gas utilization project.