Client: Lexington Park Real Estate Capital Inc.
Location: Waterloo, ON


Biggest Hurdle: Extent of impacts originating from off-site.

XCG was retained to conduct a Risk Assessment (RA) and develop a Risk Management Plan (RMP) for a former industrial/commercial property in Waterloo, Ontario. The overall objective was to obtain a Record of Site Condition (RSC) prior to the redevelopment of the property as multi-unit residential complex.

The property is approximately 0.73 hectares (1.8 acres) and the surrounding properties are primarily commercial and industrial, and it is expected that the land use will remain as such. The subject property was zoned industrial and the on-site building was used for offices, an assembly area, a warehouse and storage area, and shipping and receiving area.

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Based on Phase I ESA and Phase II ESA activities completed by XCG, it was found that chlorinated solvents migrating from the neighbouring property to the north resulted in residual soil and groundwater impacts on-site. During subsurface investigations to identify the chlorinated solvents impacting the groundwater at the subject property, inorganic compounds were also identified at the subject property in the soil and groundwater. In-situ remediation, in combination with a RA and RMP, was selected as the most appropriate and viable option given the extent of impact at the subject site and the proposed future use.

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) approved the RA and acknowledged the RSC for the subject property and also issued a Certificate of Property Use in the spring of 2011. The property is currently set for redevelopment and XCG is working with the owner to ensure the RMP is followed throughout this time.

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