Client: County of Oxford
Location: Ingersoll, ON
Budget: $35,000
Outcome: Watermain rehabilitation plan for the entire Ingersoll drinking water system

After completion of the first phase of watermain rehabilitation, XCG Consultants Ltd. (XCG) was again retained by the County of Oxford (County) to update the existing watermain rehabilitation plan. The updated rehabilitation plan now includes the cast iron and ductile iron watermains identified by the County and has been expanded from the initial north-east section to include the entire Ingersoll distribution system.

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To develop the updated rehabilitation plan a water main assessment program was implemented for the entire Ingersoll drinking water system. Similar to the initial plan, the water main assessment program consisted of analysis of watermain age, material, diameters, length, location, depth, watermain break and locations, customer complaints (water quality, low pressure etc.), hydraulic flow tests, where available. In Phase II of the project, XCG carried out acoustic testing using Echologics. Additionally, XCG carried out non-destructive gamma ray Shadow Shots of a number of pipe sections to determine the extent of tuberculation and pitting. This method, which was conducted using CB Non-destructive Testing, allowed the watermain to remain in operation during testing.

The results of the investigation were used to prioritize water main improvements and develop recommendations and costs. The mitigation plan focused on areas with more frequent and/or severe water quality issues and areas where the age or condition of water mains was contributing to poor water quality. The plan consisted of rehabilitation using structural lining, non-structural lining and total replacement. Similar to Phase I, XCG prepared the tender documents on behalf of the County for this phase of the work.

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