Client: Regional District of North Okanagan
Location: Cherryville Recycling and Disposal Facility, Cherryville,
British Columbia



The Cherryville Recycling and Disposal Facility is located within the Regional District of North Okanagan. XCG prepared the landfill closure design brief, including final contours, evapotranspiration cover, soil balance, erosion and sediment control, surface water management, leachate management, landfill gas management, end use, and environmental monitoring program.

The site is characterized by low precipitation, high evapotranspiration rates, and lack of low permeability cover material. An evapotranspiration final cover was proposed by XCG. Unlike conventional cover system designs that use a low permeability (barrier) layer to minimize downward migration of water from the surface, evapotranspiration cover systems use vegetated soil layers to retain water until it is either transpired through the vegetation or evaporated from the soil surface. These cover systems rely on the water storage capacity of the soil layer, rather than low permeability materials, to minimize percolation and leachate generation. Evapotranspiration cover systems are typically designed to emphasize the following principles:

• Soils that have relatively high water storage capacity;
• Native vegetation to increase evapotranspiration; and
• Locally available soils to streamline construction and provide for cost savings.

With XCG’s assistance, regulatory approval was obtained and the alternative cover system was installed at the site. XCG also completed the detailed design and provided construction support services for the transfer station facility.