Solid Waste Management

Our Expert People have prepared various detailed designs for landfill expansions and closures for clients in Canada. We pride ourselves in developing site-specific solutions that provide cost-effective and optimal results, so we take the time to evaluate all aspects of a design to ensure that the best outcome is delivered.

30th Anniversary

Celebrating 30 Years!

Just like Wiarton Willie, XC Groundhog did not see his shadow yesterday and spring will arrive early this year. An early spring will have everyone excited for a party on June 5th. As XCG gets ready for our 30th year, we asked our president, Tom Williams, to share a few words about XCG’s 30th Anniversary with our friends.

2019 Projects In Review

Happy New Year everyone – as we roll into the new decade, we thought we’d look back on some of the cool projects we worked on last year. XCG’s depth of expertise in solid waste management, brownfields, and site investigations is also matched by the generosity and compassion our team shares with the communities we serve. Here’s to a great 2020 ahead!

Giving Back to Communities

XCG Consulting Limited has been helping our clients solve environmental issues since 1990 and we strongly believe in giving back and supporting the communities we serve.
As we look towards 2020, we’re excited to be celebrating our 30th anniversary with our loyal clients and will continue to give back across many communities.

Vapour Intrusion on Property

When the redevelopment of a property is hindered due to volatile contaminants on the site, appropriate risk management measures can be employed to permit the redevelopment to proceed. XCG’s clients rely on our expertise and responsiveness in applying mitigation efforts to prevent vapour intrusion risks. Download the pdf to read more about our recent project examples that demonstrate how our Expert People help you make Better Decisions.

Site Cleanup and Insurance Investigations

When faced with potential site cleanup work as a result of new or past environmental conditions on a property, owners and insurers rely on XCG to properly investigate and delineate the issues before a course of action is taken. Here are a few recent projects where our expert people provided expert decisions that saved our clients time and money.

Design, Operations, and Closure Plans

While many have been enjoying their summer holidays, XCG has been busy preparing various Design, Operations and Closure Plans for our clients in order to meet the current (2016) British Columbia Ministry of Environment (MOE) Landfill Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste.

Multi-Site Due Diligence Investigations

Conducting investigations on multiple properties within a client portfolio requires excellent project management skills, consideration of various jurisdictional requirements and location differences, as well as the consistent application of science and methodology.

Identifying Risk

Virtually all real estate transactions involve some level of environmental risk. The key is to identify all of the significant potential and/or actual risks ...

Solid Waste Management

At XCG, we understand how to best assess the risks associated with managing older solid waste disposal sites and their impact on the surrounding environment.

Giving Back to Communities

XCG Consulting has been helping our clients solve environmental issues since 1990 and believes in giving back to the communities we serve.