For over 20 years, XCG has offered our industrial clients a variety of specialized services that are designed to assist facilities in achieving and maintaining compliance with environmental regulations and implementing cost effective, environmentally conscientious solutions.

Our team possesses the skills, knowledge and experience to provide reliable solutions related to environmental auditing, permitting, air quality, and wastewater management. Our purpose is to assist our clients in harnessing opportunities, minimizing risk and maximizing the potential of their business.


XCG offers advisory and assessment services in the areas of:


  • Permitting, reporting, and regulatory liaison
  • Environmental compliance auditing and acquisition audits
  • Air emission inventories and dispersion modelling in support of Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs)
  • Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories
  • Wastewater Management treatment optimization, pollution prevention, and operational assistance.