Client: Various
Location: Greater Toronto Area, and Golden Horseshoe, ON
Budget: $2,200 and up

Every year XCG is contracted by both new and existing clients to conduct dozens of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and/or Property/Building Condition Assessments (BCAs) in the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area.  Whether it is a single small strip mall, or a large industrial facility, or a portfolio of properties, XCG is there to service our clients and to ensure the work is done in a timely manner to meet the timelines of the due diligence period.

Typical properties assessed include:

  • Industrial facilities – large and small.
  • Commercial properties.
  • Commercial retail operations from strip malls to shopping malls.
  • Quick serve restaurants.
  • Multi-tenant residential properties – low-, mid-, and high-rise.
  • Automotive repair facilities.
  • Mixed use facilities.

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To assess the potential for environmental concern, XCG reviews background environmental reports, historical records, historical aerial photographs, contacts government officials, and conducts a thorough site visit to review on-site activities and neighbouring properties.

To assess a building’s condition, XCG reviews provided construction drawings, provided sub-contractor repair documentation, interviews persons knowledgeable of the building, and conducts a thorough site reconnaissance to assess current conditions.

XCG will work closely with the proposed lender and the client to benefit all parties understanding of the environmental and building concerns, in an effort to ensure the lender’s criteria is met and that the client is successful in securing financing.