Client: Confidential
 Location:  Grand River, Kitchener, ON
 Budget:  $20,000

XCG was contracted by a towing service company to continue River & Shoreline Assessment work started by the City of Kitchener following a used motor oil spill that resulted in impacts to the Grand River.

In April of 2016 used motor oil entered a storm sewer catch basin that discharged to the Grand River. The City of Kitchener was notified of the impact to the Grand River and subsequently City resources were used to respond. The City contracted a remediation contractor to complete remediation work on the river, including the installation of various oil containment and oil absorbent booms near the storm sewer outfall, excavation and removal of petroleum impacted soil from the banks of the river and removal of impacted water using a vacuum truck and collection of soil and water samples for laboratory analysis to characterize the hydrocarbon impacts pre- and post- remediation.

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Following the initial remediation work XCG took over responsibility for the assessment in late May of 2016. XCG reviewed the remediation work completed on the site and all the analytical results for soil and groundwater sampling that were provided by the City. Upon discussion with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) XCG determined the ocean boom installed as a temporary floating barrier could be removed from the river. XCG observed the removal of the ocean barrier, and continued to monitor the site for any evidence of petroleum hydrocarbon impacts. In June of 2016 XCG viewed all areas of the river originally reported to have been impacted by the used motor oil spill. XCG did not observe any visual evidence of impacted soil along the river. Surface water samples were collected in the area of the oil spill and analyzed for petroleum hydrocarbons. All analytical results for surface samples were non-detect, and below the MOECC guidelines. XCG determined that the remaining remediation barriers, the oil booms and the silt curtain, could be removed from the Grand River.

Following the completion of the remediation work XCG oversaw the restoration of the site in October of 2016. The restoration work included the grading and seeding of pathways created for access to the river, laying of erosion matting, and planting of shrubs in the area of the spillway down to the river.

Through utilizing the work and analytical results provided by the City of Kitchener, and working with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, XCG was successful in providing the required environmental information to the satisfaction of the MOECC and the client to determine the oil spill had been remediated. Residual impacts, if any, along the banks of the Grand River are not expected to represent a potential impact to human health or the environment. XCG saw the project to completion leaving the area restored to grow back to its natural state before the spill.