XCG has the experience and resources to clean up and redevelop Brownfield Sites in a way that everyone benefits.

New contaminated site clean-up guidelines, and the acceptance of risk assessment approaches to site remediation, coupled with new, lower-cost remediation technologies and soil management / disposal options, make it worthwhile to revisit cost estimates of site studies prior to 2000.

Over the past 25 years, XCG has taken several Brownfield Sites all the way from the early Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) stage, through to complete clean-up, zone change, and redevelopment, including obtaining covenants not to sue. XCG has worked in Canada and 45 of the U.S. states, on virtually every type of contaminated property. We have experience with all viable soil and groundwater remediation technologies. XCG maintains the highest quality standards by implementing a policy requiring all reports to be reviewed by either a Partner or Associate of the firm.

XCG’s conventional Brownfield Site services include:

  • Complete voluntary action plan services (U.S.)
  • Phase I and Phase II ESAs
  • Peer reviews of existing reports/data
  • Hazardous building materials surveys (including asbestos, PCBs, lead-based paint, and mould)
  • Geological evaluation
  • Site specific risk assessments
  • UST investigations and removals
  • Preparation of demolition tender documents
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Development of remedial action plans
  • Design of soil or groundwater remediation systems
  • Negotiations with regulatory agencies
  • Obtaining covenants not to sue
  • Filing/signing records of site condition
  • Supervision of cleanup contractors
  • Complete site redevelopment coordination