XCG routinely provides environmental consulting services for corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions and in environmental litigation and dispute resolution. We work closely with our clients and their legal counsel to facilitate the investigation, remediation and development of contaminated sites, including the development of brownfield sites.


Insurance companies across Canada rely on XCG. XCG conducts environmental surveys to assess the potential for environmental impairment at facilities prior to binding of Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance Coverage. We provide comment on controls in place to prevent or control environmental loss. XCG also provides insurance companies with clean-up cost cap engineering reviews for remedial action plans prior to issuing cost cap coverage.

Real Estate and Financial

Purchasers and lenders may be held liable for environmental impacts resulting from historic operations near or on contaminated properties. XCG has provided environmental consulting services to clients from individual purchasers to multi-national companies and major financial institutions.