Client: Regional District of Nanaimo
Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia 



XCG Consulting Limited (XCG) was retained by the Regional District of Nanaimo to undertake the detailed design (up to 90%) of the Stage Two Final Closure at the Nanaimo Regional Landfill (Site). XCG undertook the detailed design for this partial closure area in 2018 in anticipation of a construction date of 2019 or 2020.

The total area included in the design for the closure depended on the maximum budget allocated by the RDN for construction of this project. The north slope of the landfill was prioritized, as this slope is visible to neighbouring properties and to public traffic on Cedar Road.

The detailed design was completed up to and including the 90% design. 50% and 90% conference call design meetings were held to review relevant design issues and to allow the RDN to provide input on the design. The design included stormwater works, landfill gas piping and a composite final cover including a sand foundation layer, a LDPE geomembrane, a synthetic drainage layer (Drain-tube), a protective layer, organic soil and vegetation layer.

The following deliverables were completed for the project:

50% Design

The 50% design completion deliverables included the following:

  • A partial set of drawings including:
  • Existing Conditions Plan;
  • Grading Plan;
  • Landfill Gas Collection System;
  • Stormwater Management System;
  • Final Contour Plan; and
  • Typical Details.
  • A preliminary engineer’s cost estimate.

90% Design

The 90% design completion deliverables included the following:

  • Complete drawing set, issued for review;
  • Draft specifications;
  • Draft tender document; and
  • Engineer’s cost estimate.

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