Client: City of Red Deer
Location: Red Deer, Alberta



In 2008, XCG was retained by the City of Red Deer to prepare a Storm Water Management Plan for the Waste Management Facility (WMF). XCG also conducted the detailed design, specifications, tender documents, and construction inspection for the storm water pond for Phase 1 of the WMF landfill.

The WMF includes a Class II landfill, a leaf and yard waste composting area, a public drop-off facility, and a household hazardous waste facility. Also situated on the WMF property are a snow storage area, an aggregate storage pad, stockpile areas, maintenance building, scale house, and an office and interpretive centre. In addition, a portion of the property is used for agriculture. The landfill is a composite, lined, containment landfill that opened in 2001 and continues to accept waste. The Site encompasses an area of approximately 218.5 hectares with the limit of waste encompassing an area of approximately 59 hectares. The landfill accepts approximately 70,000 tonnes of waste annually and serves all the needs of the City of Red Deer with a population of approximately 92,000.

The Surface Water Management Plan included:

  • Identification of potential sources of contamination, spills, and leaks;
  • General operating procedures and practices for prevention of contaminants;
  • Spill response plans;
  • Preventative maintenance program;
  • Erosion control;
  • Monitoring and reporting;
  • Design of the run-on control system;
  • Description of the existing run-off control system;
  • Evaluation of the environmental impacts of run-off from the existing active landfill site on the wetland run-off containment system; and
  • Provide recommendations on the mitigation of the impacts.

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